Our clinic offers a comprehensive holistic program to maximize your chances of conceiving and prepare your body to carry a healthy baby. 
Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long and rich history of enhancing natural fertility.  Over the last few decades, modern practitioners have adapted these traditions to also support the growing field of Western fertility treatments or Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).  Whether parents are seeking holistic treatments to enhance their fertility naturally or as a complement to Western treatments, preconception treatments prepare both partner's bodies for healthy conception and implantation. 





Research highlights the effects of acupuncture in:

  • Improve ovarian response and follicle production

  • Improve sperm vitality and motility, reducing abnormal sperm.

  • Improve quality of oocytes and sperm (> 3 months of treatment)

  • Improve circulation and blood flow to the ovaries/uterus + testes

  • Promote healthy endometrium development + implantation.

  • Improve fertile cervical mucus production.

  • Regulate reproductive hormone cycles

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • Increase success rates of IVF, IUI and other ART.

  • Relieves side effects of fertility medications

  • Lessens uterine contractions after embryo transfer

  • Balance stress hormones associated with reduced fertility and IVF success rates

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